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An Expo to highlight our leadership in the world of differentiated coffee

28 June, 2018
An Expo to highlight our leadership in the world of differentiated coffee

Expo Eje Café is an initiative that seeks to attract and bring together all players in the differentiated coffee cluster in Colombia, offering conferences and workshops focused on improving competitiveness and quality of our coffee and the coffee industry in general, as well as spaces for coffee professionals to meet each other and interact to ensure the future of specialty coffee in the country.” This summarizes this important Expo to be held at the Metropolitan Convention Center, in Armenia, Quindío, and in which Buencafé will take part for the first time.

From June 30 to July 2, Expo Eje Café will bring together specialty, differentiated coffee producers from all over Colombia, as well as other actors in the coffee industry, among which Buencafé has a leading role as buyer of specialty raw materials, which it transforms through freeze-drying into soluble coffee that is sold worldwide.

“The participation of Buencafé in this Expo is important to approach the general public, and for producers to recognize us as a company that seeks their well-being and works every day for they to increase their income and for their coffee to be internationally recognized,” said Sebastián Puentes, from Buencafé.

Expo Eje Café will host several championships, such as the barista, Aero Press, and regional cupping and roasting championships, and an exhibition of filter coffee, among other activities. The Buencafé booth will offer cold and hot freeze-dried soluble coffee tastings and sell Buendía products in their different presentations.

“Each Expo has a commercial component, attracting potential customers and understanding the markets, but this time we also seek to approach the general public and that specialty coffee growers feel Buencafé is their ally and support to strengthen the differentiated coffee industry,” Puentes added.


  • Expo Eje Café was born in 2014 as a private initiative to strengthen the differentiated coffee industry and promote recognition for coffee producers, manufacturers and marketers throughout the country.
  • The reception of the event was such that nowadays it is the official regional specialty coffee expo in the Colombian coffee triangle and one of the main meeting points for the coffee industry in Colombia.
  • Every year Expo Eje Café is becoming an event that both national and foreign companies want to attend and where it is important to participate and showcase oneself in the great world of differentiated coffee.

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