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At Buencafé, meeting our challenges compels us to set ourselves higher goals

23 March, 2016
At Buencafé, meeting our challenges compels us to set ourselves higher goals

As we begin this new year, its important to look back, make an evaluation of the past year and set our goals for this new year. The 2013 was a year of challenges for Buencafe, some related to a still volatile and highly competitive market and others were set internally to address this new environment so that we could continue differentiating with our 100% Colombian freeze dried coffee.

Thanks to the entire organization´s work, Buencafé ends 2013 with a major presence in all markets, showing growth especially in Asia and South America where the increase was of 35%, as a result of the strategies developed with traditional and new customers. Also, thanks to the strategy of developing differentiated products for the premium segment, Buencafé has been able to reach new markets with high value-added products, offering cup profiles that are closer to a freshly brewed roasted and ground coffee. These new products, along with our portfolio of certified products, -UTZ, Rainforest, Fair-trade and Organic-, had an important contribution to the creation of value and the successes of 2013.

This year was also a year of recognition; two products of our new portfolio were worthy of the Superior Taste Award given by the International Taste and Quality Institute in Belgium, which awarded with 1 and 2 stars products from the Micro ground and Sublime category respectively.

For this 2014 challenges are not minor, we expect sales growth leveraged in our commercial strategy in Asia, Europe, North and South America, having our new portfolio as one of the main drivers for achieving the objectives we established.

The commitment to quality, sustainability and the vocation to add value to the best coffee in the world will continue. Innovation will be an essential pillar where all efforts will focus on generating greater differentiation, contributing in this way to the development of long term business and strengthening our relationship with our customers, based on the premise that Buencafé is their ally

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