24 October, 2018

As part of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC), Buencafé is one of the leading global suppliers of premium soluble coffee and the only one with a clear social orientation. The coffee that it produces, 100% Colombian, reaches different parts of the world, guaranteeing the quality of its products and complying with each country’s customs regulations.

 To continue providing its clients with all implicit guarantees of the best international trade practices, Buencafé, through the FNC, is in the process of becoming part of the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Program.

 The AEO Program is an authorization granted by the customs authority (the DIAN in the case of Colombia) to a company that proves to be committed to safety throughout its supply chain, following the guidelines proposed by the World Customs Organization (WCO) so that foreign trade operations are reliable and safe worldwide.

 According to official data by the DIAN as of June, in Colombia 47 companies have been authorized as AEOs (40 exporters, 5 importers, and 2 exporter-importers). Currently Buencafé is in the process of being authorized through the FNC to continue providing benefits to customers that enjoy the best 100% Colombian coffee.

 The FNC project to apply for the AEO authorization is in the stage of documentary adjustments to meet requirements.

 For Buencafé, the benefits of being an Authorized Economic Operator will be directly reflected in the relationship with its clients. “With the AEO certification, customers and customs of destination countries will see that the product is within the logistics chain secured by the WCO, certifying Buencafé as a safe and reliable exporter. In addition, port processes will be easier, inspections will be mostly non-intrusive, and if the client is also an AEO, it will be able to carry out customs clearance procedures at its own facilities, saving port costs,” said Angela Giraldo, the Buencafé Logistics and Distribution Coordinator.

 According to the DIAN website, the benefits for AEO companies include:

  • Recognition as a safe and reliable operator in the supply chain by the control authorities (Customs, National Police, Health Authority, Phytosanitary Authority, and Ministry of Commerce).
  • Decrease in number of physical and documentary inspections for export, import and customs transit operations by the National Directorate of Taxes and Customs (DIAN), and decrease in physical inspections for export operations by the Colombian National Police.
  • Non-intrusive inspection by the Colombian National Police for export operations, provided that the port, airport or border crossing has the technological control tools required.
  • Customs clearance of imported goods at the declarant’s facilities, and a higher quota to export samples of no commercial value in accordance with the DIAN provisions.

 See all the benefits in the following link https://www.dian.gov.co/aduanas/oea/inicio/Paginas/PreguntasFrecuentes.aspx

 Mutual Recognition Agreements guarantee global trade

 The WCO is developing Mutual Recognition Arrangements/Agreements (MRA) that, as the name implies, are agreements between countries that have adopted the AEO standard and which define the benefits for those companies with the authorization; as of 2017, 44 MRAs were in force in the world.

 The AEO authorization or recognition and the MRAs are instruments that improve access to global markets, with a reduction of risks associated with the user and its commercial operations in both the origin and destination markets, which can reduce the number of inspections and therefore time.

 For Buencafé, it is important that its clients have differentiated products with all the certifications, documentary supports and authorizations, so that they are fully confident of receiving a reliable product that has been prepared, packaged and exported under the highest standards, complying with current regulations and in line with the best global trade practices.


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