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Buencafé and its research team, willing to materialize their clients’ ideas

4 May, 2016
Buencafé and its research team, willing to materialize their clients’ ideas

Buencafé relies on a team of engineers with great experience in the Research and Development area, who have the suitable high-tech equipment to support its clients’ requirements.

Buencafé’s team of engineers is solely devoted to the research and development of new products and to find more efficient ways in different processes, packaging, i.e transportation, product preparation, etc., as well as to support its customers when implementing new ideas and bringing them closer to the consumers’ tastes and needs.

To assure the innovation and the clients’ support, the R&D area has an independent building equipped with a pilot plant capable to replicate the freeze drying production process, which allows greater versatility when it comes to evaluate different operating conditions and requirements..

One of the main tasks of the research team is to remain attentive to trends in different markets – both product and technology- and the processes, and thus understand the tastes and requirements of consumers to take them into account during the development of technical specifications of the products and packaging.

An example of this is the joint work between Buencafé and its Russian client Elite Brands, through which they have developed a line of very complete flavored coffee such as: Chocolate, Cinnamon, Lemon and Orange. Both worked on several alternatives during the annual visit of the client to Buencafé and sensory workshops were carried out in order to explore different options that could hit the market.

The latest developments of flavors for Elite Brands (Chocolate, Cherry, Lemon and Orange), are the result of proposals that were established in the Development area of Buencafé. “Our company has been selling different tea flavors for over 20 years, it was logical that the next step was to sell flavored coffee. Buencafé’s main idea has been the development of new flavors and to add the appropriate amount of flavor so the aroma of the coffee would not be concealed. We are grateful to all Buencafé’s team for the ideal combination of flavored coffee, today we are the only company that offers flavored soluble coffee in Russia”, CEO Vladimir Toupiking, Elite Brands.

Besides the local work team, Buencafé can count on the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation for support, through its Coffee Research Center (Cenicafé), near our headquarters, for the realization of joint projects with suppliers and universities that complement their infrastructure and combine an experienced technical team.

The innovative work is a comprehensive process that involves new products, processes, the equipment with which they are made, consumers, distributors, supply chain and suppliers, all within a framework of profitability for the whole chain.

Buencafé invites you to work with the Research and Development team, along with the support from the other areas of the company, in order to create winning solutions that not only exceed the consumers’ expectations but that will also allow you to progress in the business.

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