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Buencafé, over 40 years bringing the world´s best coffee to our clients

13 April, 2016
Buencafé, over 40 years bringing the world´s best coffee to our clients

Not only have we achieved the highest awards and certifications, but we have continued to build our success story thanks to a team of committed work that has grown along with the company.

One hundred and twelve years have passed since the Japanese-American chemist Satori Kato invented the first instant coffee and presented it in 1901 at the Pan American Exhibition, in Buffalo – New York, United States.

59 years after, the first freeze dried coffee in the world appeared, becoming a milestone in the history of instant coffee thanks to its sophisticated technology that retains the organoleptic characteristics (smell and taste) of a fresh roasted and ground coffee bean.

Thirteen years later, in 1973, our Freeze Dried Coffee Factory opened in Chinchiná – Caldas, coffee land par excellence, making its first production on March 27 at 4:00 p.m.

In these 40 years, our company has had three major expansions (1983, 1997 and 2008), and has updated and refined its production and administration processes technology, keeping up with the latest developments.

We have also diversified our product portfolio, and expanded trade frontiers achieving the highest recognitions of national and international certifications, both in terms of product and quality management systems, environmental, occupational health and safety, among others.

These improvements have allowed us to receive several awards among which are The Colombian Quality Award in 2001, the Ibero-American Quality Award in 2003 and in 2011, and the National Award in Security Management.

All this has been possible thanks to the high quality standards that we apply to the quality of inputs, to their production process and the high level of training and qualification of personnel, in which we have outstanded both inside and outside the country.

But nothing would be possible without our customers and suppliers because Buencafé “Is a successful business that has grown by the hand of their customers, which has allowed us to add value to the Colombian coffee in a highly complex, very high-tech industrial process, and compete in the most demanding markets in the world ” words by Carlos Eduardo Osorio, Director of Development.

Buencafé, present and future

From a strategic review, we defined that Buencafé should transcend in the relationship with their customers, moving from being one more provider of instant coffee, to a comprehensive supplier of coffee ingredients to climb in the client´s value chain.

Within this new strategic framework, we rethought the company’s mission and vision, to be more in line with the new market realities and the new addressing, without losing our main focus, which is to contribute to Colombian coffee growers’ welfare.

The development of the new products and services portfolio, as well as the orientation towards demand generation, have played an essential role in the new positioning as experts and has allowed us to address new value-added projects.

This way, we have become the most important source of employment for the

Chinchiná township development. With a population of around 60 thousand inhabitants, more than 415 families, equivalent to 75% of staff, benefit from their work at Buencafé, since as recruitment policy, we give priority to local workers.

In the process of education and training in Buencafé, we allow employees to have the opportunity to grow personally and professionally through a career plan and a professional program developed especially for them and certified by the SENA.

Throughout time, Buencafé has not hoarded any efforts to strengthen its commitment to the local and regional suppliers and with the community with special emphasis on children, the third age people, culture, education and the environment.

Along with our evolution, we have generated specialized discipline business enterprises according to the industry needs, but above all we were architects of an industrial culture in the township, integrated to the coffee world. Most importantly, we have been an example of values that drive the transformation and human betterment.

“Our commitment is clear: we are determined about the company’s sustainability, commitment that we understand as hard work for its permanent prosperity and ensure that that the company exists for future generations. ” says Constanza Mejía de los Rios, Director of Buencafé 100% Colombian Freeze Dried Coffee.

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