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Buencafé strengthens strategic partnerships with suppliers

18 October, 2017
Buencafé strengthens strategic partnerships with suppliers

Providers of food packaging materials and Buencafé join efforts to deliver the best freeze-dried coffee

Aiming at producing the best freeze-dried coffee and delivering it in high-quality biodegradable packaging, so that customers enjoy its products, Buencafé hosted in September the first convention of suppliers of packaging materials. This event was held during two days and representatives of 16 companies took part.

Packaging plays a crucial role in the supply chain. For this reason, Buencafé works together with collaborators and suppliers who meet international quality conservation standards and in turn use environmentally sustainable materials.  

For packaging its great variety of products and presentations, Buencafé Liofilizado de Colombia requires materials such as laminates, cardboard boxes and trays, labels, big bags, caps, jars, bags, plastic and wooden pallets, stickers and heat-shrink supplies, which comply with international quality standards to deliver products in optimal conditions in the different countries of the five continents where the company is present.

 Complying with national and international market trends and meeting its needs through a diverse packaging portfolio has been a joint effort with collaborators and suppliers, strengthened also thanks to the commitment, dedication and participation of each to delivering high-quality Colombian products.  

The supplying companies that participated in this event develop environmentally sustainable products and some use recyclable or ecological materials.

The convention concluded with a series of commitments to competitiveness, sustainability and development of innovative products to deliver the best as a company and as exporting country.

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