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Coffee cup design is evolving through the consumer trendings

6 June, 2019
Coffee cup design is evolving through the consumer trendings

Not only the way coffee is made is in constant evolution, but the way is served all around the world. Nowadays, consumers tend to pay a lot of attention to every little detail like, for example, the material, the design or the graphics of the vessel.

Even the traditional white cup of ceramic material, that represents the warm and the scent of a just made coffee, has changed over the time to fullfish the expectations of a new wave of consumers that not only pay for the coffee, but for the experience that the brand can share.

“Various studies and research projects carried out recently into the business of coffee, tea, wine and so on, have found that the experience is greatly influenced by the cup or glass it is drunk from,” says Carlo Barbi, CEO of Club House, a company considered one of the main European producers of porcelain cups for the coffee industry.

The material of the vessel (ceramic, felt, glass, plastic) it’s a fundamental factor in the buy process for the consumer. “It is easy to carry?, “It will keep my coffee hot?”, it is environment friendly”? The answers to those questions may be a differential that will make the consumer fall in love or even hate the product and the brand.   

Moreover, the cup is a canvas ready to be filled with all the ideas marketing department can imagine. “The cup is a main advertising medium, thanks to the huge visibility it enjoys and the immediate correlation with the product it contains – the actual coffee”, Barbi affirmed.

Design is one the characteristics where Marketing and Industrial departments try to create an innovative but functional vessel. Most common design fails are that the coffee is easy spilled from the cup, the cover does not fit properly in the vessel, and the vessel cannot be manipulated because is way too hot.

Buencafé is constantly researching and learning not only about the coffee novelties but also about the different subjects directly related with its core product: soluble coffee.


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