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Colombia chosen as Portrait Country at World of Coffee Amsterdam

9 August, 2018
Colombia chosen as Portrait Country at World of Coffee Amsterdam

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) announced Colombia as this year’s official Portrait Country at World of Coffee Amsterdam (WOC), the largest coffee trade show in Europe, held this year at Rai Amsterdam from June 21 to 23, bringing together thousands of buyers and influencers in the coffee industry.

According to the Global Coffee Report website (see story on https://bit.ly/2Kfjd0x), each year the SCA partners with a coffee-producing country to highlight work of its farmers and unique characteristics of their coffee. This year, Colombia, represented by the Café de Colombia brand, was the official Portrait Country.

Participation of Café de Colombia in WOC is a testament to the country’s impact on the specialty coffee industry, whose participation is increasingly growing in the market, besides being a recognition for quality, diversity and sustainability of Colombian coffee.

Café de Colombia continues to be on the world radar thanks to work by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC), which together with companies such as Buencafé, has brought the best coffee to foreign markets, contributing their experience and technology with differentiated products, which translate into reliability for the most demanding customers.

In addition, Buencafé and the FNC’s commitment to coffee growers is positively valued by large customers and end consumers, who are increasingly interested in knowing the benefits that coffee growers receive and the origin of the coffee they drink, in a much more comprehensive experience around the world of coffee.

Juan Valdez, the emblematic character of Colombian coffee producers, said: “To understand why Colombian coffee is among the best in the world, you must know that the lives of over 540,000 families are all about coffee. For us, coffee is not only our work— coffee is our culture.”

Colombia is a leading coffee-producing country, and the top washed Arabica producer featured at World of Coffee.

In Colombia coffee is grown throughout its three mountain ranges: the Eastern, Central, and Western Andes, as well as in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. These factors, as well as rich and variant climate, topography, soil and culture allow for a variety of unique, fresh and differentiated coffee available all year round.

With a special program developed for this year’s event, Café de Colombia showcased the country’s rich and diverse coffee offering throughout the trade show.

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