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Colombian Coffee is increasingly international

6 April, 2016
Colombian Coffee is increasingly international

Our coffee, the best soft washed Arabica in the world, now reaches more and more countries that value its unique qualities, this may be witnessed in the increase of Colombian green coffee exports, which achieve important overprices in the international markets thanks to the highest quality standards.

Moreover, the wide range of added value coffees , including the brand Juan Valdez® Café, Buencafé® freeze dried coffee and a growing selection of specialty coffees, are also reaching more end-use markets, creating a more direct relationship between producers and buyers.

We have opened 11 new markets this year, ranging from countries as far away as Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and Thailand, to producing countries such as Brazil and Indonesia, which allows us to currently export our flagship product to over 90 countries all around the world.

In addition, sales volumes have also been increasing in recent months. Between October 2012 and September 2013, coffee bean exports reached more than 8.8 million bags, an increase of 21% compared to the 7.3 million bags placed in international markets in the previous 12 month period.

This good performance contrasts with that of Colombian coffee competitors, which have been affected by the rust fungus. According to recent reports, in August Guatemala´s exports fell 10.6%, those of Honduras a 62%, and those of Costa Rica a 21.3%.

On the other hand, the weight of added-value coffee, including specialty coffees, has increased in the total exports, passing from a 34% in 2011, to a 38% between January and May 2013.

It´s worth noting that the coffee offer produced under sustainability international standards (Rainforest, 4C, UTZ, etc.) also recorded a substantial increase and from the 68,624 growers producing under one of the sustainability protocols in 2008, it increased to 162, 857 by August 2013.

Colombia is the country with the highest number of producers linked to the 4C Verification Standard (90,565 producers) surpassing Vietnam, Kenya, Indonesia, Peru and Brazil. Among the specialty coffee category the main destinations are Germany, Belgium, Canada, the United States, Spain, France, Japan, Great Britain and the Netherlands.

Buencafé, a worldwide recognized producer

With 40 years of experience exporting 100% Colombian freeze dried coffee. Buencafé is one of the main producers of the world´s freeze dried coffee industry.

Buencafé reaches over 60 countries in the five continents and the latest markets which it has developed are Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine, Belize, Bolivia and Costa Rica.

Nontraditional economies for Colombian exporters such as Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific and some Latin American producing countries, are the main expansion targets of the Colombian coffee growers´ freeze dried operation.

In recent years Buencafé has focused on consolidating its presence in these markets by means of the development of new distribution channels and recognized brands with a variety of products.

Oriented to the innovation and development of premium products, Buencafé contributes to the category’s development in diverse markets that attract different client profiles such as roasters, packagers, brand owners and supermarket chains.

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