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Drink great coffee and browse our digital platforms

20 June, 2016
Drink great coffee and browse our digital platforms

At Buencafe we want you to have a unique experience with the best coffee in the world. That’s  why we invite you to easily and quickly navigate our digital platforms.  with one click you can find all the information you need on our website, blog, LinkedIn and Youtube pages.

If you are a lover of the traditional Colombian drink, our means of virtual communication will offer information about the world of freeze-dried coffee, advances in research, studies, expert commentary, new global trends and stories of our coffee growing families.

If your interest is in commercializing our product, go to our website and in less than two steps you can create a new portfolio in which you can choose the sensory profile, roasting level, raw material, and  packaging  you prefer to design your ideal product and excel in the market with elegant and excellence 100% Colombian coffee.

We also think about your passion for coffee, which is why we have included in our website many delicious and diverse recipes that you can make at home with our freeze-dried coffee.

If during your free time you like to enjoy a nice cup of coffee while learning something new, you can go to our LinkedIn profile or our Youtube channel. On the social network sites you will find information and practical videos that show you how the magic of freeze-drying transforms the 100% Colombian green coffee  into a cup with the best flavor and aroma in the world.

Buencafé invites you to explore this and much more through all our digital networks, designed for you to have a pleasant experience and access useful content through fresh media. We renew our commitment to inform Colombians and our customers in more than 60 countries how freeze-dried coffee and innovation create value and benefits for more than 500,000 coffee growing families in Colombia.

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