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European consumers increase their demand on sustainable products

11 September, 2019
European consumers increase their demand on sustainable products

A survey by the International Trade Center ITC, revealed that European consumers and retailers from countries like Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain, are increasing their demand for products of sustainable origin.

This means that these companies and their customers are raising awareness about the consumption of products that can demonstrate the ethical treatment with producers, like coffee farmers, and that also are responsible with the environment.

ITC information indicates that these companies are implementing commercial policies and standards on sustainability in order to satisfy the needs of their consumers, “mitigate the risk of sustainability in their supply chains, and evade suppliers with a negative environmental reputation”.

According to the report titled The Sustainable Products Market of the European Union. The retail perspective on supply policies and consumer demand, producers and suppliers that accomplish the standards proposed by European consumers, will have a great advantage over others who are not committed to sustainability.

Parallel that, the International Trade Center suggests in the document some recommendations for traders, trade policy makers and producers, so that they can be aligned in the race for sustainable productivity.

For traders is important that they get to know the needs of their current and future customers. “Conducting surveys to consumers is a way to know their positions on products and businesses friendly to the environment.”

In addition, the ITC recommends to those responsible for trade policies “to educate consumers to better understand and act on sustainability issues. This can be done at municipal, regional and national level through consumer education campaigns.” 

From Buencafé and the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation, the concern for sustainability in the Colombian coffee growing ecosystem has  been always an issue of the major importance in the commitment of improve the life of more than 540 thousand coffee-growing families in Colombia.

This work with the community has led the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation to receive the Prevency 2019 Award, granted by the Ibero-American Social Security Organization, thanks to its management in the health and safety of Colombian coffee growers.

Also, Buencafe and Cenicafe, the National Coffee Research Center of the FNC, are constantly collaborating to find new ways and new processes that can be applied to reduce the environmental impact in coffee production.


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