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Good coffee is made this way

22 October, 2018
Good coffee is made this way

Colombian coffee is recognized worldwide for its delicious flavor, aroma and quality. Part of this success lies in different factors such as the species grown, which in Colombia is Arabica; the exceptional agro-climatological conditions derived from its volcanic and mountainous soils, with different altitudes and temperatures; and of course the institutions embodied by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC), the entity to which Buencafé belongs, that give value focused on well-being of growers.

 A recent article published on elcolombiano.com describes the most important aspects to achieve good coffee, including:

 The species.

Colombia grows the Coffea arabica one, which in turn features different varieties according to the geographical area where it is produced, and each responds to specific production needs of each region. In Antioquia, for example, Castillo, Colombia, Caturra, Tabi and Pajarito stand out. Soil, the tree itself, and microclimate of each farm (even in the same region) influence the final cup, giving it a unique and characteristic flavor.

 The ground:

Aspects such as selection of seeds, hygiene, drainage, and fertilization, among others, do not directly influence the final cup, but growth of the coffee tree and productivity, so soil plays an important role in development.


When the plant is taken to the ground, pests and diseases must be correctly controlled. After 18 to 24 months, the production is obtained. In Colombia, coffee growers carefully select the best fruits from their plants and acquire the seeds in authorized warehouses, ensuring rust resistance, among other benefits, thanks to constant work and research by entities such as the National Coffee Research Center (Cenicafé).


In Colombia, coffee is handpicked, with 200 years of experience that enable to harvest the best ripe beans.

 Wet processing.

It is a set of steps to transform the cherry into dry coffee (or dry parchment coffee, as it is known) for its consumption; it is the stage with the greatest possibilities of affecting or improving the quality of the cup.

 This process has different stages, such as storage of beans in the hopper, fermentation, washing and drying, which must be rigorously performed to achieve quality.

 After dry parchment coffee goes through the thresher, the roasting process comes, which is considered an art, as a master roaster can improve the taste together with a cup taster.

 At Buencafé, as freeze-dried soluble coffee experts, each of our processes is carried out under the highest quality standards, in addition to having the experience, innovation centers and all the support by the FNC, in order to take the best from Colombia to the whole world.

 If you want to learn more about our processes, visit www.buencafe.com  

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