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International award recognizes Colombian coffee flavor

30 December, 2017
International award recognizes Colombian coffee flavor

Buencafé Liofilizado de Colombia, the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation’s freeze-dried coffee factory, was granted the world-renowned 3-golden-star (Exceptional) Superior Taste Award.

The recognition was awarded by the International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi), the Brussels-based, world’s leading organization dedicated to testing and promoting superior-quality food and drink products that evaluates and scores the most important features such as vision, smell, mouth-feel and flavor. Together with its exceptional components, these aspects gave Buencafé a total score greater than 90% to receive the best recognition.

The award-winning product is the coffee extract of Buencafé, a fully natural, medium-to-dark roasted coffee that yields intense flavor, balanced with the mild notes of Colombian coffee and abundant pleasant aroma.

It is worth highlighting that Buencafé coffee extracts are only made of the best-quality coffee and pure water from the Colombian mountains. Coffee concentration is increased through the sophisticated freeze concentration process, which uses subzero temperatures to form and remove ice crystals, preserving the aroma and making coffee extract the ideal ingredient to prepare ice cream, desserts, cakes, sauces, etc., or ready-to-drink coffee in such countries as South Korea and Japan.

Currently the Superior Taste Award is the only flavor quality label granted by Michelin-starred opinion leaders, chefs and sommeliers, a recognition received by the best restaurants in the world and which gives the product immediate differentiation in the market.

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