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Office and Coworkings, the new places for coffee trendings

5 September, 2019
Office and Coworkings, the new places for coffee trendings

The new coffee trendings in the market usually start like a common behavior in groups of similar people around the world. In the industry, these behaviors can be seen in common places like the house and the office.

This last place has important characteristics and connotations such as the status of the position, salary, free time and workload. The daily interaction between people with different characteristics but with many things in common, such as the simple concept of drinking coffee to certain hours of the day, create a special behavior that can be exploited.

This is why, a few years ago, the development of the market known as Office Coffee Services (OCS) began to create micro environments in work areas where employees can gather around a cup of coffee. 

However, the trend of coworking sites and offices focused on the issue of digitalization or that their work has to do with the digital era, are knocking down walls and joining spaces that were previously structurally separated. Areas that were little used are now gone and new ones appear to meet different needs, including places to buy food and drinks such as coffee.

This means a joint work between corporative spaces designers and coffee distributors, whom clearly want to occupy a large space within the possibilities that can exist in these merged areas determined by the same employees without having too many prohibitions more than those of respecting the rules of behavior and hygiene.

Spaces where coffee is a central axis for employees such as newsrooms and advertising agencies, places where you can regularly get the drink for free, should be handled differently.

Is in these types of places where premium coffee can make a space in the decision-making of its inhabitants. They can take coffee for free, but they can also buy a coffee with ingredients and special preparations that will highlight their status in the office.

The implementation of new forms of payment that are aligned with the possibilities of the new generations who want to do everything just by reading a QR code is a core trend in the coffee market. Simplifying this type of process is also part of the premiumization in the coffee industry.

And nothing more important than excellent customer service. Whether they are state-of-the-art vending machines with touch interface and online payments, the user does not forgive that they may have faults or that the order placed does not go exactly as the order was.

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