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Sustainability, more than a trend, it is our reason for being

27 April, 2016
Sustainability, more than a trend, it is our reason for being

Let me share with you the invitation we had in September to participate as exhibitors at the World Coffee Meeting, held by Probat -German supplier specialized in roasting and grinding coffee equipment- during the inauguration of its new R & D center.

This event was attended by over 140 visitors from 30 countries and speakers from 8 different countries, who discussed the new world trends in the coffee business.

It was an unforgettable experience to feel the great reception given to the industry, acknowledging the efforts of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation and Buencafé to ensure sustainability throughout the value chain, and to know firsthand the value we add to the most recognized coffee in the world, Café de Colombia.

I was able to validate with great connoisseurs of the market, how sustainability takes increasing importance and that is why I would like to share with you some market trends:

• 63% of consumers make their purchase decisions based on ethical considerations.

• The ethical certifications make an increasing difference in the market.

• Growth of Fairtrade products.

• Consumers think it is worth paying more for this type of products.

For Buencafé and the Federation, the commitment to sustainable development is integral to our promises of value to the coffee families. We are also aware, in our actions, of our responsibility to society and the planet.

Sustainability is not a complementary work for us nor a recent trend; it has always been our main purpose and goal, and for this reason, we have always maintained a lifelong commitment, defined as the contribution of our company to the generation of economic social and environmental value for the coffee growers, their communities and our country.

Through the processing and marketing of sustainable instant coffee, Buencafé continues adding value to the production chain of the best coffee in the world, which makes Buencafé, good coffee for everyone.

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