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Sustainability of coffee in the world

13 November, 2018
Sustainability of coffee in the world

Colombia continues to be an example of innovative projects that expand and promote coffee colombian sustainability in the world, taking into account that coffee production is the main agricultural activity in Colombia, involving 25% of rural population. But beyond that, the projects implemented by the Colombian coffee growers, many of them through their own institutions, are considered global success cases because they inspire coffee growers in other countries and have a proven a positive impact on producers’ income.

An example of this is the most recent awards to the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC), summarized in an article published by www.larepublica.co (see full article here: https://bit.ly/2yoCkzI). One of them was awarded by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), which recognized the FNC with the 2018 Leadership Medal of Merit for almost a century of work to improve living conditions of producers, sustainability and coffee quality. The other was the 2018 Sustainability Award, granted by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) to the Manos al Agua Project, an innovative initiative for intelligent water management in coffee river basins.

Manos al Agua achieved important results in sustainability of water resources in coffee areas, including the implementation of 5,000 water management solutions on 3,230 farms in 25 municipalities of the country, aiming at a climatically resilient coffee farming in Colombia.

Thanks to this project, 11,000 coffee-growing families increased their income by strengthening production conditions in their territories and reducing risks of environmental damages and catastrophes, as well as through environmental improvement in local ecosystems.

 Well-being and profitability for coffee growers

Since its inception, the focus of the FNC has been to work on improving quality of life of Colombian coffee farmers (including their income), and deliver the best quality and flavor coffee under sustainable processes. Buencafé is part of this articulated work, offering a differentiated portfolio of services to all corners of the world and adding value to coffee growers, always focused on increasing their profitability and ensuring economic and environmental sustainability of over 540,000 Colombian families.

David Roche, the CQI Executive Director, said that thanks to the work of the FNC, quality and sustainability are not recent trends for Colombian coffee growers, as these have been a priority for over 90 years, along with their leadership in economic, social and environmental practices.

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