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The Cultural Magic of Coffee

4 October, 2017
The Cultural Magic of Coffee

Coffee is the second most consumed drink in the world; 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed daily. It contains antioxidants and different components that are good for health; it is characterized by its aroma, flavor, and quality. But what’s really around a cup of coffee is a variety of cultural traditions linked to the country of consumption, since a cup of coffee at any time of the day is the perfect excuse to spend time with friends or one’s partner or talk about business.

Here we’ll have a short trip around the continents where coffee brewing and consumption are part of each country’s culture.

In Africa, Ethiopia is seen as coffee’s birthplace. For Ethiopians this drink is very important, as it has a social and ancestral meaning. There is even a coffee brewing ceremony that is considered sacred and propitious for good luck or fertility.

In Europe there are different rituals around coffee, as either a hot or cold drink. Italy is one of the most representative countries, known as the birthplace of espresso and good baristas; they take great care over the entire process to prepare good coffee, from bean selection to the machine where it is made. In this country, coffee is sacred, an art, and a source of national pride. The espresso and cappuccino are the most famous. In Ireland, coffee is served with cinnamon and whisky, being one of the most delicious preparations, perfect for winter.

In Germany and Greece they make an iced drink with instant coffee, ice cream, cream, and chocolate, or with a layer of milk foam, respectively.

In Asian countries, tea has been the hot drink par excellence and tradition, a very deep-rooted custom for adults and elderly people, while instant coffee is preferred by young people. In South Korea, for example, consumers often drink a cup of coffee before leaving home as one of the main sources of energy, while in Japan and China coffee is considered an energy drink that is consumed cold, canned or bottled, bought at a bar or in vending machines available everywhere.

In countries such as Vietnam, coffee is a hot drink consumed in a curious way: prepared with ice, three parts of boiling water and two tablespoons of condensed milk, or by using Vietnamese filter coffee, an egg yolk and two tablespoons of condensed milk.

In Latin and North America, coffee is part of working and social environments. In Colombia it is a tradition to offer coffee as a “tinto” to a person visiting a home or workplace; this offering means that the visitor is welcome.

In Miami, 3:00 pm is the official time to pause at work and drink a Cuban coffee, a movement named “3:05 Cafecito of Miami” in honor of the city’s phone area code.

From this varied point of view and taking into account such cultural diversity in which coffee permeates traditions of countries, Buencafé Liofilizado de Colombia’s quality and innovation work enables to bring its products to many countries and be present in the daily life of people enjoying this drink.

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