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The essence of Buencafé made coffee extract

23 May, 2018
The essence of Buencafé made coffee extract

“Made of 100% Colombian Arabica coffee and spring water, with high content of aromas, intense, balanced flavor, and excellent quality.” These are some of the characteristics of the coffee extract produced by Buencafé, which is internationally recognized for preserving the organoleptic characteristics of coffee.

The Buencafé concentrated extract is one of the best in the world and is used in the industry in different ways: to prepare Ready-to-Drink (RTD) beverages very popular in the Asian market, or as the ideal ingredient in the industry to give coffee flavor to delicious ice creams, cakes, candies, liquors, and cookies, among other products.

One of the main characteristics of the Buencafé extract is that it is produced through the cryoconcentration technique. First, the best coffee beans are selected, to then be roasted slowly to produce a delicious aroma. Then coffee is concentrated at low temperatures, forming ice crystals that remove water while preserving intact the best flavor of high-mountain coffee. This delicate and sophisticated process captures the “soul” of coffee beans, and differs from the evaporation technique widely used by other extract producers.

“We are recognized for offering a Colombian coffee extract differentiated from our competitors due to the high content of aromas, which make it an ideal ingredient for preparation of other products,” said Cristina Madriñán, the Buencafé Commercial Director, who also highlighted that Buencafé produces 11,500 tons of freeze-dried coffee and concentrated coffee extract, and exports its products to 60 countries on five continents.

The Buencafé extract portfolio covers a wide range of cup profiles depending on the different roasting levels. These range from very light, like New England and Scandinavian, in which smooth and subtle fruity acidity of Colombian Arabica beans can be projected, through balanced profiles, such as American and Viennese, until the most roasted and intense versions, such as French and Italian, with a powerful coffee character. The extract and drinks prepared with it (such as RTD) are visually very attractive because they are bright and translucent, and their flavor is mild and complex, representative of Colombian coffee.

Buencafé extract is granted the Superior Taste Award

In August 2017, the Buencafé Armony American coffee extract was granted by the International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi) the 3-golden-star (exceptional) Superior Taste Award, a unique quality label awarded by Michelin-starred opinion leaders, chefs and sommeliers from around the world.

The demanding judges evaluated the product in three categories: in its natural state, as an ingredient, and prepared as a beverage, highlighting that it is “a totally natural coffee extract, whose medium roast gives it an intense coffee character, balanced with the mild notes of Colombian coffee and abundant in pleasant aroma.”

For its appearance, smell, first impression and taste, the Buencafé extract was scored above 90% in preparation of a coffee mousse. The products that achieve this rating are considered exceptional.

For Constanza Mejía, Director of Buencafé, this international recognition confirms the extract quality, generating greater trust to customers and facilitating the opening of new markets. “This motivates us to continue with the commitment to delivering a product of high international standards. That Colombian coffee be internationally recognized, not only as a raw material, but also as a finished product, is a goal that we have set, and this type of recognition is a way to achieve it,” Mejía said.

The Buencafé extract is quite versatile and can fit a large number of preparations.

It has been exported to different continents for almost 20 years, and together with the experience in quality control and packaging details, Buencafé guarantees that the best products reach customers with all their strength and quality.

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