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The most complete logistics center in the coffee industry, at the service of Buencafé

1 August, 2018
The most complete logistics center in the coffee industry, at the service of Buencafé

Almacafé, the logistics and warehousing company at the service of the coffee sector and one of the branches of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC), inaugurated in Cundinamarca’s Soacha municipality the most complete logistics and industrial coffee complex in the world.

For Buencafé, this news is of the greatest importance, as it will be able to continue providing its customers with products of the highest quality, produced and stored with cutting-edge technology, as well as integrated and more efficient services to reach any part of the world.

According to website Al Grano (See full story on https://bit.ly/2Ko8rkR), the new logistics center has a monthly operational threshing capacity of 20,000 coffee bags and storage capacity of up to 200,000 bags, becoming the only integrated coffee logistic center where all industrial processes in the coffee logistics chain converge.

“Thanks to its effectiveness, efficiency, reliability and wide certified logistics experience, Almacafé serves more and more customers in different industries. But with these new facilities, of greater capacity, we decisively contribute to value addition for Colombian coffee,” said Octavio Castilla, General Manager of Almacafé.

This distribution center features 4,400 m2 of built area, 14 meters in height, and 7 docks with hydraulic platforms and electric doors, with capacity to store 4,160 shelving positions and 2,080 order picking positions, with a carton flow system that enables satisfaction of high volumes. Dynamic control of products follows the method first in, first out, and provides a variety of references.

Other services of this complex are:

– Roasting of green coffee for production of roasted coffee beans and ground roasted coffee aimed at national and international markets.
– Receipt and specialized storage of raw materials for the supply chain of processed coffee, according to requirements of customers.
– Shipping and distribution of goods. Shipping to port of export products and specialized distribution of products and supplies of customers, including picking of the requested product.

With the new roasting plant, featuring a production area of 720 m2 and a storage area of 540 m2, capacity for roasting increases to 1000 kg/h and for grinding to 2000-3,200 kg/h, i.e. 6,400 bags per month, equivalent to about 448 tons.

In turn, the roasting process includes:

• Roasting: by convective heat transfer through hot air.
• Blending: design of synergy of flavors for each product.
• Grinding: flavor extraction optimization.
• Packaging: guarantee of conservation of sensory attributes.

Almacenes de Depósito de Café (Coffee Warehouses, Almacafé) has 53 years at the service of Colombian coffee farmers, its raison d’être, and over time it has been serving more and more customers in the industry, guaranteeing coffee receipt, storage and commercialization in the best conditions.

Coffee supplied to Buencafé is previously assessed, classified, and stored by Almacafé, and then processed into freeze-dried soluble coffee made of 100% Colombian coffee.

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