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SENSORIA BY BUENCAFÉ The secret behind our premium soluble coffee

7 February, 2020
SENSORIA BY BUENCAFÉ The secret behind our premium soluble coffee

2020 brings a new era of high-end instant coffees. Many soluble coffees are made with sub-par beans and lose most of their aromas and flavors when transformed into an instant product. However, we at Buencafé are proud to unveil our state-of-the-art system that enables us to preserve all the flavors and aromas of freshly roasted and brewed coffee.

Buencafé has been producing quality soluble Arabica coffee in Colombia and selling it to more than 60 countries since 1973. Now, as global demand for premium products increases, we are rising to the occasion with innovative technology and processes that maximize the sensory experience for coffee consumers.


What is Sensoria by Buencafé’s technology? 

The process begins on the farm, where only perfectly ripe Arabica coffee cherries are harvested on Colombia’s mountainside crops.

After removing the pulp and the parchment, the beans are brought to our facility and are carefully roasted. The secret to good roasting lies in not degrading any of the volatile compounds, which are essential in allowing the coffee’s quality to shine.

Afterwards, a dynamic extraction system captures and protects the best aromas from freshly roasted coffee beans. The resulting extract is loaded with many flavor components and it even gets the visual appearance of a drip coffee. This Sensoria by Buencafé technology is not only unique, but also completely disruptive from the conventional extraction methods.

We then freeze the extract to below -50ºC (-58ºF). The ice is finally removed by sublimation, meaning we transform it directly into vapor, leaving us with a freeze-dried soluble coffee with a flavor that very much resembles the cupping profile of a roasted coffee, not a traditional instant one.

Finally, the product is carefully evaluated and cupped by our highly qualified Quality Control Team to ensure that it meets our standards and those of our clients.

Buencafé's new technology

Our premium cup profiles, Lineage and Coffage

Sensoria by Buencafé’s technology is the process behind our two luxurious product lines: Lineage and Coffage. These were created with three aims in mind: satisfy sophisticated palates, offer consumers convenience when preparing the drink, and have a positive social impact for coffee farmers.

Lineage boasts a vibrant aroma and a pronounced body. Coffage sets the bar even higher with an intense aroma, subtle and refreshing citrus notes, a mild sweetness and a touch of spices.

This new product portfolio has a perfect balance and makes it very difficult to tell the difference between them and a freshly brewed cup made of recently roasted coffee.

Buencafé Liofilizado


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