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What the international coffee day celebrates

1 October, 2019
What the international coffee day celebrates

This day is celebrated in different ways: One can find coffee cup tastings, videos showing the predilection for this drink, exhibitions of different coffee varieties, promotions in renowned coffee shops, and many other activities that commemorate this drink. The “drink of dreams,” as some call it.

Coffee is one of the most important crops in the world, but also one of the most desirable and inspiring drinks. It can appear in films as a core element of the plot, is part of the daily life of many people, appears in the universal literature, and inspires the great poets for their metaphors and analogies. About coffee, Rubén Darío said in his book El Viaje a Nicaragua (The Trip to Nicaragua): “A good cup of this black liquor, well prepared, contains as many problems and poems as a bottle of ink.”

There is no definitive consensus about the roots of the drive to commemorate coffee with an international day. Some say that the beginnings date back to 1983 in Japan; however, the proposal was put on the table after the conclusions of an important association meeting attended by the National Coffee Roasters Association, the Instant Coffee Association, the Retail Regular Coffee Industry Association, the Coffee Importers Association and the Nippon Green Coffee Association.

But the project would have to grow and develop in a global framework. With the drive of the “International Coffee Organization,” in 2014 a day for coffee was raised. Thus, a year later the first version was held at Expo 2015, with the exhibition of the best world orange blossoms on the streets of Milan, Italy.
In 2018, October 1 was celebrated with the feminine touch and fragrance: “Women in coffee.” It was a beautiful parallel and equity promoter.
Coffee has become the mirror of many realities, the voice of different societies. Coffee continues to liven up our days, inspiring the human being. And maybe this is what the International Coffee Day celebrates. One day, Sebastián Londoño said about coffee: “It becomes art by the senses, and touch becomes smell with the same ease that vision becomes taste. Knowledge is in the taste, and then the reading starts from a bean, not from a letter. Coffee is the first and last time, a reunion and a farewell, it is day and night, oxygen or a cave, coffee just is, but not before helping to be.”
Source: El día que la historia se hizo café https://www.elespectador.com/noticias/cultura/el-dia-que-la-historia-se-hizo-cafe-articulo-815642

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