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Young audiences set the 2019 coffee trends in the USA

30 May, 2019
Young audiences set the 2019 coffee trends in the USA

The National Coffee Association (NCA) informed that at least 44% of the coffee consumers in the USA are millennials. Also, the NCA reported that the fastest growing demographic of coffee drinkers is the 13- to 18-year-old age group.

According to those numbers, USA coffee demand is highly determined by the younger people, which means that coffee brands are developing new products and strategies in order to capture this huge slice in the market pie.

For example, new coffee-based beverages like coffee shakes and flavored lattes, where a few years ago an exclusive and innovative product of specialized coffee brands. Now, you can find this kind of products in almost any restaurant and not coffee-only stores.

The “Coffee to go” products have a good place in the complicated and stressful schedules of the young professionals. Easy to carry around, this products like premade coffee, frappuccinos, or cold brew, can be found in convenience stores and solves the issue of the immediacy.

That kind of accelerated lifestyle offer as a way out the social drinking. Coffee-based cocktails are not only a bar product. Now this alcoholic beverage is sold in restaurants and coffee shops, allowing to have a taste of the night life at anytime of the day.

In addition, young people try to look for a fair trade for the coffee producers. This means that they are likely to buy a product with industry policies that protect and improve the coffee farmers by a fair payment and ethical treatment, just like in Buencafé and the Colombia’s National Coffee Growers Federation, the primary objective of ensure that the colombians coffee farmers and their families can grow and get a better life quality.

In other words, create premium coffee based products, along with a good business background, are the essential and more powerful trendings in the market, just like specialization and innovation is the right path to be in the top of mind of consumers.

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