The information that is recorded on the entity’s data bases is subjected to several forms of processing, like collection, exchange, updating, processing, reproduction, compilation, storage, use, systematization and organization, all of them partially or totally, pursuant to purposes herein set forth. The information can be delivered, transmitted or transferred to public bodies, trade partners, contractors, affiliates, subsidiaries, just to the aim of complying with the purposes of the corresponding data bases. In any case, the delivery, transmission or transfer shall be made prior undersigning of the commitments that are necessary to safeguard the confidentiality of the information. The personal information, including sensitive information, may be transferred, transmitted or delivered to third countries, notwithstanding the level of safety of the standards that regulate the handling of personal information. In compliance with the legal duties, the ENTITY shall be able to provide the personal information to juridical or administrative entities.
The ENTITY shall protect the correct use of personal data of children under legal age, guaranteeing that the applicable legal demands are complied with and that all processing is previously authorized and is justified in the higher interest of children under legal age.

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