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Optimism: a proof of what we are made of

18 July, 2020
Optimism: a proof of what we are made of

Currently the world is going through a moment that we didn’t expect, a situation that allows us to rethink our lifestyle and communicate in a different way. Today we have a new opportunity to demonstrate that, as a union, we have a lot to give.

Our purpose has been focused on preserving health of each of our workers by implementing protocols for safe working days. Like producers themselves, together with the country’s over 540,000 coffee-farming families, we say “yes” to continue producing the best bean, we say “yes” to bring coffee to the homes of thousands of people around the world, we say “yes” to the process of reinventing ourselves and learning from the situation, and we say “yes” to the future because we walk strengthened towards it.

At Buencafé Liofilizado de Colombia, the freeze-dried coffee factory, we say “yes” to continue driving coffee growers and their union, the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation. That’s why we live every day as the best and work under biosafety protocols to preserve our workers’ health and continue multiplying stories with a cup of coffee.


Optimism: a proof of what we are made of

We have focused on:

  • Keeping healthy: Based on self-care, with specific sanitary protocols at Buencafé.
  • The distribution chain: Monitoring that each of orders and distribution systems have protocols established.
  • Communication with customers/clients: One of the most important matters for us is constant communication with all of them, so they are aware of all our current processes and we listen to their needs.

All changes cause concern, but it’s time to turn this into an opportunity, which in our case will be based on continuing to meet the highest-quality standards and to deliver 100% Colombian freeze-dried coffee all around the world.

Our commitment continues with the best attitude, all the care and looking forward to getting ahead, because we want and need a better world. A world living with optimism.

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