Do we use origin Colombian Coffee?

Depending on the characteristics desired by the client, we use 100% Colombian Coffee picked from our Country´s different regions.

What type of coffee is used?

Colombia Coffee (Coffee Arabica) is used as the raw material for the making of freeze-dried coffee. It is 100% produced under agro-ecological conditions in the coffee regions of Colombia, that lead to the production of an outstanding, smooth, clean cup of coffee with relatively high acidity, balanced body, pronounced aroma and a sensory profile of excellent quality.

What is the difference between a freeze dried, spray dried and agglomerated processes?

Lyophilization removes the coffee extract water by sublimation under conditions of vacuum and cold temperature . The Spray Dried removes the water from the coffee extract, by generating the formation of a cloud of fine droplets with a high heat transfer surface, hot air is applied causing the evaporation of the water. The Agglomerated often the sprayed powder of soluble coffee is agglomerated into larger granules by slightly moistening the powder particles, so they stick together creating a product that dissolves more easily.

What is Freeze Concentration?

A concentration method through which the extract is cooled by using water at a temperature below 0 ° C. Pure water forms ice crystals, but coffee is still in liquid form; when ice crystals are removed by using special filters, the remaining extract is more concentrated.

What is the Freeze Dried Process?

Freeze-dried is a process through which water is removed from the coffee extract to produce soluble coffee. This involves freezing the coffee extract at very cold temperatures of about -50 ° C, thus avoiding the loss of aromas and attributes of the drink, that are highly valued. When subjected to a deep vacuum of less than one thousandth of atmospheric pressure, a marginal addition of heat to the remaining water in the frozen extract allows the transition from solid (ice) to gas (vapor), a process known as sublimation.

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